Managing oil with ease…


Please see a list of common files to download below:

OilPro PC software

Download OilproV3.2.80_Client-Installation.exe

For OilPro Server Engine Downloads please complete the form below


OilPro USB Serial Drivers

Download Driver-Win-EADUSBISO_Post2012-mini-USB-Serial 

Download DriverXP_Win7-32bit_Pre2012-USB-Serial

Download DriverXP_Win7-64bit_Pre2012-USB-Serial 


Product Datasheets

Download Datasheet-OilProMainController-V4.pdf

Download Datasheet-OilProKeypad-V3.pdf

Download Datasheet-OilProSoftware-V3.pdf

Download Datasheet-OilProTags_FOBs.pdf

Download Datasheet-USB-Serial-Adaptor_Mini-Post2012.pdf 



If you require a copy of the OilPro Server Engine Software or something specific, please fill out the form below with as much information as possible so we may be better placed to assist you and we shall send you a download link for the correct version of the OilPro Software to suit the hardware at your workshop.