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Communication Adaptors

OilPro USB-Serial Adaptor/Isolator


The OilPro USB-Serial Adaptor/Isolator is used to connect the RS232 cable of the OilPro system to the USB port on a PC.

This product was specifically designed for use with the OilPro Oil Management System and has built in optical isolation devices to help protect the communication equipment from damage resulting from voltage spikes caused by static and lightning discharge. In effect, a major voltage surge may destroy electronic equipment ‘upstream’ of the OilPro USB-Serial adaptor (and possibly the adaptor itself) but devices further down the communication channel would be protected.

  • Provides an RX/TX data RS232 connection suitable for the OilPro system connection.

  • Suitable for PC’s which do not have a Serial COM Port available but do have a spare USB port.

  • Provides communication ports with an extra level of protection from voltage surges in harsh environments.

  • Useful in situations where one end of the equipment is powered by a backup/UPS power source which is otherwise affecting RS232 communications.

  • Can be used to provide USB to RS485 communication for other OilPro system connections.